1.             That  the  Landlord   agrees  to let  and  the  Tenant  agrees  to  take  all  that  Premises known        as 싱가폴 우리집, 우편번호 (hereinafter called “the Premises”) together with the furniture fixtures and other effects therein (as more fully described in the Inventory attached) for a period of  Twenty Four Months(24) months from the 1st  day of  September 2016 to the 31st day of August 2018, the Tenant paying therefore to the Landlord the sum of Singapore Dollars  Four Thousand Only (S$4,000) per month made up as follows :-

                Singapore Dollars: Three Thousand Only (S$3,000) as rental for the Premises.

                Singapore Dollars:  Seven Hundred Only (S$700) as hiring charges for the furniture & fixtures

                                               enumerated in the attached inventory

                Singapore Dollars:Three Hundred Only (S$300 ) as Maintenance Fee & service charges.

The monthly rental shall be payable in advance and clear of all deductions on or before the 1st  day of each calendar month without deduction or demand to be credited to the Landlord’s account via interbank Giro:-

많은 세입자분들이 이 부분에 대해 의아해 하시는데 이 부분은 집주인이 IRAS에 세금신고하는데 쓰이는 부분으로 이해하시면 됩니다.
따라서 금액을 어떻게 나누듯 세입자와는 무관합니다.
대신 빨간색으로 표시한대로 대부분의 계약서에 월세는 GIRO(자동이체) 혹은 Auto Trasfer를 명시합니다.
집주인 입장에서 매달 월세를 체크하고 혹시 입금이 안되면 에이전트를 통해 확인하는 번거로움을 줄이기 위해 명시하는 조항이며 세입자입장에서도 편리할 수 있는 조항입니다.
단 싱가폴에 은행계좌는 보유하고 계셔야겠죠.

2.             SECURITY DEPOSIT

The Tenant will pay to the Landlord the sum of Singapore Dollars Eight Thousand Only (S$8,000) on or before the signing hereof     to be held by the Landlord as a security for the due performance and observance of the stipulations and agreements hereinafter contained provided that upon the expiration of the tenancy granted if the Tenant shall have duly performed and observed the stipulations and agreements, the said sum shall be repaid within fourteen (14) days from the date of such expiration without interest to the Tenant but otherwise the same or part thereof shall be used by the Landlord to offset any payments owing by the Tenant without prejudice to the right of the Landlord to recover all monies which may become due or payable by the Tenant under this Agreement.

세입자입장에서 소중한 디파짓을 돌려 받는 사항이니 꼼꼼히 챙기시길 바랍니다.

계약기간이 끝나고 집을 넘겨줄 때 Handover(혹은 Take Over)를 합니다.

계약기간 만료시 Inspection을 통해 집안상태에 대한 점검후 문제가 없다면 14일 이내에 디파짓을 돌려받는다는 조항입니다.

집주인측에서 체크를 보낼수 있는 은행계좌의 본인이름과 집주소등은 핸드오버 당일날 에이전트를 통해 알려주세요.

3.             To be responsible for all minor repairs and routine maintenance, including replacement of electric light bulbs and tubes of the Premises up to Singapore Dollars One Hundred Fifty Only ( S$150)  per item/ per repair.  In the event that the repair cost exceeds the aforesaid amount, the Landlord shall pay the excess amount. In all fairness, the quotation from the representing agent on all electrical appliances shall be the conclusive amount for the cost of repair. Approval must be obtained from the Landlord prior to such repair.

입주후 한달이후 계약만료시까지 집안의 소소한 문제에 대해 수리비용 청구조항입니다.
경우에 따라 금액이 $200~300까지 수정되는 경우도 있으니 확인이 필요합니다.

4. **The Tenant shall be entitled to a thirty (30)-day problem-free period. The Landlord shall not hold the    Tenant responsible for any defects and/or replacement of parts of any item in the Premises that were identified by                the Tenant and brought to the Landlord’s attention within the first thirty (30) days in writing. Any such defects      and/or replacements shall be the responsibility of the Landlord and the Landlord shall rectify it.

LOI에 명시가 되어 있어도  TA에 누락이 되어있다면 세입자 입장에서 조항 첨부를 요구하길 당부드립니다.

이유인 즉슨 혹시 모를 분쟁 발생시 TA는 Main Contract인 반면 LOI는 TA싸인시까지 유효한 서류로 간주당할 수 있기 때문입니다.

5. Without prejudice to the foregoing provision, the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord interest thereon at the rate of ten per cent (10%) or the average of the three major local banks’ board rate per annum whichever is higher calculated from the date on which such money fall due for payment to the date on which such moneys are paid to or recovered in full by the Landlord as the case may be. The Landlord shall be entitled to recover such interest from the Tenant as if such interest was rental in arrears PROVIDED that nothing contained in this clause shall be deemed to restrict limit or prejudice any other right power or remedy of the Landlord.

월세지불이 늦어졌을때 집주인 측에서 10% Annum Rate로 이자를 청구할 수 있음을 명시하는 조항입니다.
부디 월세는 제때 내시길 당부드립니다.


That the Landlord will on the written request of the Tenant made not less than Two (2) calendar months before the expiration of the tenancy hereby created and if there shall not at the time of such request be any existing breach or non-observance of any of the agreements and stipulations on the part of the Tenant herein contained at the expense of the Tenant grant to the Tenant a tenancy of the said Premises for a further term of one (1) year from the expiration of the tenancy hereby created upon the same terms and conditions except for this option and except for the monthly rent and hiring charges contained herein the rental shall be at the current market value which shall be that as agreed to by the parties.

계약 만료 2개월전에 재계약 여부에 대해 상호 협의하여 결정하는 사항입니다.

7.             DIPLOMATIC CLAUSE

  1. Notwithstanding the tenancy is for a term of Two (2)years from the 1st  day of September 2016  it may only be determined after a period of Twelve (12) months by the Tenant giving to the Landlord Two (2) calendar months notice in writing of the intention to end the Tenancy if the Tenant/Occupier of the Premises is:-
  1. deported from Singapore; or
  2. refused permission by Singapore Government to work or reside in Singapore; or
  3. transferred or relocated from Singapore to another country; or
  4. ceases to be in the Tenant’s employment.( For Corporate Lease )

Proof of such transfer or cessation must be shown to the Landlord without delay.

  • In such event, the Landlord shall give the Tenant permission to allow any of its employees to reside at the said Premises at any time during the currency of the Tenancy hereby created provided that prior approval in writing is first obtained by the Tenant from the Landlord, whose consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.

(For Corporate Lease)

통상 2년계약시 혹 싱가폴을 떠나거나 회사명의로 계약을 했으나 회사를 떠날경우 계약1년후에 2달전 통지를 통해 계약을 조기종료할 수 있는 조항입니다.

(ii)  If this Agreement should be lawfully terminated by notice in writing by the  Tenant before the expiry of the tenancy herein as aforesaid, the Tenant shall reimburse to the Landlord, in respect of the unexpired portion of the tenancy, a proportionate part of the commission of Dollars Four Thousand Two hundred and Eighty Only (S$4,280), inclusive of Goods and Services Tax, paid by the Landlord to his real estate agent, VESTOR Realty Pte Ltd. The Landlord shall be entitled to deduct such refund from the deposit held by the Landlord.

이때 집주인 측에서 24개월 조건으로 지불한 에이전트 커미션에 대해 남은 개월수는 세입자가 남은 달수를 계산하여 보상을 하는 조건으로 2달치 Security Deposit을 돌려받을 수 있습니다.


 Not to assign sublet or part with the possession of the said premises or any part thereof without the written consent of the Landlord which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld in the case of a respectable and responsible tenant. This prohibition shall not apply to the occupation of the said premises or any part thereof by any person or persons employed or engaged by the Tenant or members of the Tenant’s family where applicable.

Sublet 금지

일반적으로 들어가있는 조항인데 세입자가 계약후 또다른 세입자에게 Room Rental을 할 수 없게 하도록 하는 내용입니다.

혹시 콘도렌탈시에 따로 룸렌트를 고려하신다면 집주인측에 양해를 하여 이 조항을 빼고 Sublet을 해도 될지 여부는 꼭 집주인의 허락을 받으시길 바랍니다.


To take up a service contract with a qualified air-conditioning contractor to service and maintain the air-conditioning units, including the topping-up of gas and chemical cleaning (if required), installed at the said premises, at least once every three (3) months at the expense of the Tenant and to keep them in good and tenantable repair and condition, throughout the term of this agreement. A copy of the service contract shall be forwarded to the Landlord.

계약기간동아 매 3개월마다 세입자는 에어컨 서비스를 받고 영수증은 보관 혹은 집주인의 요구시 보내는 걸 원칙으로 합니다.

많은분들께서 잘못 알고 계시는 것이 있는데 매3개월마다 에어컨 정기점검을 받았다면 그밖의 에어컨 고장에 대한 수리비는 Minor Repair조항의 적용을 받는것이 아니라 집주인측에 100% 비용청구를 할 수 있습니다.

허나 상기 3개월마다의 에어컨 서비스를 이행하지 않았을경우 일체 비용에 대해 집주인측에서 비용을 물을수도 있습니다.

그만큰 중요한 사항이니 특별한 경우가 아니라면 매 3개월마다의 에어컨 정기점검 및 영수증 보관은 에어컨 사용여부와 무관하게 꼭 충실히 이행하시길 당부드립니다.

10. PETS

Not to keep any animal at the Premises without the prior written permission of the Landlord and to comply with any conditions imposed by the Landlord in the event of such permission being granted. 

애완견을 허락하지 않는다는 조항이며 혹시 애완동물이 있다면 이 조항을 빼도록 에이전트에 당부 부탁드립니다.



Not to hack any holes or drive anything whatsoever into the walls or to bore any holes into the ceiling without first having obtained the consent in writing of the Landlord unless the same is reasonably done to hang pictures, painting and the like.

편의에 따라 벽을 허물거나 심지어 벽에 구멍을 뜷을경우 집주인에 따라 허락을 하지 않는 경우가 있으니 이 조항 또한 에이전트와 상의 하시길 바랍니다.

이번달엔 계약서 관련 여러가지 조항중 신경써서 살펴보실 몇가지 사항을 두서없이 여러 회사의 계약서에서 발췌해서 설명을 드렸습니다.

다음달에는 이번달에 말씀 드린 부분중 누락 부분 및 혹시 발생할 수 있는 집주인과 세입자의 분재에 대해 조치할 수 있는 정보를 제공하도록 하겠습니다.